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Project Details

Tim Lefevre
Software Team
Product Developer

Atmo is a UK based environmental consultancy start-up helping large enterprises such as ports, nuclear power stations, construction, or railway companies to decarbonise cost-effectively and overall run more efficiently. They collect on-site data from advanced sensors measuring pollution and efficiency metrics to provide the clients with actionable insights. My role was to lead the design of Atmo’s future main digital product, a user-friendly online portal for live data visualisation, to help client businesses monitor and mitigate their pollution.

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Role and Contributions

During my placement at Atmo, I worked as a Product Developer to collaboratively oversee and implement all stages of development of the first minimum viable product version of their future app. I conducted stakeholder interviews and used my HCD experience to draw insights and understand core user needs. Through an iterative design process of prototyping and feedback validation, I conceived the main user flow and UX/UI of the portal. I then implemented the design templates with adequate software architecture and tools, building on my previous knowledge of computing.

My main contributions to Atmo are:

a) Translating company and user needs into an intuitive web app design and developing the base structure of an automated, secured, and scalable process for embedding real-time data visualization into the Atmo portal. The product uniquely enables clients to independently see the directly correlation between lacking efficiency of their infrastructure, prospective pollution reduction and energy/cost savings that they could achieve.

b) Improving and modernizing the Atmo branding through a design system that I co-created and documented. The rest of the team can easily apply the styling guidelines to any commercial or technical material, ensuring consistency and professionalism to strengthen the Atmo brand.

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