Design Engineering
Showcase 2022

Mercedes-Benz Group AG

Car Design
Concept Development
UX/UI design
Digital Product Design
3D modelling

Project Details

Esther del Portillo
Research & Development Department
UX/UI Concept Designer
Aerospace and Transportation

Mercedes-Benz Group AG is a world leading Automotive Corporation based in Germany. Mercedes-Benz AG produces mainly consumer luxury vehicles and logistic transportation vehicles. The goal of the Company can be simply defined by one sentence: ‘’Build the world’s most desirable cars’’

My personal contribution to the firm was for the Research and Development Department. I took part in the UI Concepts team, supporting on the development of concepts for the future system updates in the MB.OS (Mercedes-Benz Operating System).

Industry 72 del Portillo Esther Del portillo

Role and Contributions

As a member of the Intr. Cluster, Car Functions & Assistance team, I was involved in projects regarding the UI development for the upcoming generation of navigation, advanced driving assistance systems, and parking system.

Some of my main tasks consisted of:

- Brainstorming and ideation of potential solutions to substitute older concepts and create new visual concept designs for the new features, by the help of 3D modelling software such as blender or 4D Cinema.

- Identification of the weaknesses and advantages of the system from previous versions in order to always make sure the next generation offers an improvement.

- Deeper UX & UI analysis on the concepts proposed for different use cases and driving scenarios, creating personas, user journey maps, and storyboards.

- Development of interactive prototypes of the concepts created in order to evaluate them in testing vehicles and seating box hardware to obtain user feedback. These were done mainly in Protopie.

One of my main contributions was to build the first interactive prototype of the new navigation system updates in the instrument cluster and head-up display. This prototype allowed the concept to be validated by high management workers, avoiding possible delays in the project timeline.

Output 72 del Portillo Esther Del portillo
Infographic 72 del Portillo Esther Del portillo