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Autonomous Vehicles

Project Details

David Tsang
Product Performance & Validation by Data team
Data Analysis Intern
Aerospace and Transportation

I interned at NAVYA, the leading French autonomous vehicle company, as a Data Analyst within the Product Performance & Validation by Data team in the R&D centre (NAVYA LAB) in Paris. Currently with 280 employees, NAVYA was founded in 2014 in Lyon and aims to provide level-4 autonomous systems for smart mobility for first- and last-mile deliveries of people and goods. They have produced 2 series of electric autonomous shuttles and a logistics transport vehicle. They also provide autonomous systems integration services.

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Role and Contributions

My responsibility was to build a validation database based on a month’s worth of observed ground truths of one autonomous vehicle’s test rides on a site in Paris, and from there produce a testing script that evaluates post-processing detection and classification algorithm. These algorithms classify log data received from the autonomous vehicle’s journeys and predict various driving situations. My work directly contributes to the iterative development pipeline of said algorithms, providing a performance index to base improvements on. Afterwards, I had the time and opportunity to directly develop and improve one of the algorithms: applying optimisation methods, exploring the design space, and selection based on performance and interpretability. Ultimately, these improvements are to create an autonomous data analysis pipeline that identifies and mitigates and abnormal situations, ensuring that the company’s products are fully autonomous and safe during service.

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