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Rivian Automotive

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Project Details

Leo Planck-Prideaux
Adventure Products, Advanced Concepts
Engineering Intern
Aerospace and Transportation

Rivian is a California-based start-up producing electric vehicles (EVs) for adventure-seeking customers. Currently, three vehicles are in production: R1T trucks, R1S SUVs, and RPV delivery vans for Amazon. Rivian's sustainability focus and unique approach to enabling adventure through its unique vehicle features and accessories make it a compelling product for its growing customer base. As part of the Adventure Products team, my role was to be an active contributor to the development of these features and accessories.

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Role and Contributions

The Adventure Products team at Rivian consist of mechanical engineers, industrial engineers, industrial designers, and UX researchers, and are responsible for creating brand-defining accessories and features enabling the vehicles to be much more than just an EV. As part of this team, my role was to be an active contributor to product development. I developed concepts for two design briefs utilising the design engineering skills of sketching and brainstorming, explorative prototyping, engineering and refinement, polished prototyping, and testing. My work culminated in two functional prototypes, which I presented alongside my process to an audience of ~30 colleges, including senior members from a range of teams across different disciplines. I'm also excited to have learned about intellectual property as I was able to apply for patents on a few of my designs.

I had the great privilege of working on a project in the highly secretive future vehicles section of Rivian. Here, I contributed to the company's longer-term strategy by creating a tool to enable various cross-functional teams to explore concepts that may be implemented in a future product. Part of this process was to develop my own concept, which is currently a running contender for implementation.

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