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Project Details

Lok Lee
Central Manufacturing, Innovation Hub
Technology Partnership Manager to the AMRC
Aerospace and Transportation

Rolls-Royce designs and makes gas turbine engines for civil and defence aerospace applications. They also make nuclear propulsion systems for all of the UK’s nuclear submarines. They also have several different businesses. Rolls-Royce Power Systems, based in Germany, makes internal combustion hybrid powertrains for marine applications and microgrids. Rolls-Royce Electrical, a subsidiary which is designing electric powertrains for aerospace applications. Rolls-Royce Small Modular Reactor is designing a modular scalable nuclear reactor.

Industry 72 Lee Alex Lee

Role and Contributions

My day job requires me to manage projects that RR has ongoing with the AMRC, act as a point of liaison between the two, establish and maintain the partnership, and inspire new projects with the AMRC by hosting visiting groups from across RR’s different business units. Sometimes it would reach beyond RR, as members of RR􏰀􏰃 external supply chain or our commercial partners such as Revenue and Risk Sharing Partners (RRSPs) would come to the AMRC, the TPM would need to manage that relationship too. Both within and beyond my day job, I have also been assigned several projects:

• Static simulation of automated tool changing systems in a RR factory. My work helps compare and down select different automation technologies within that facility.

• Search and report findings on patents relating to the design, additive manufacturing, and post processing of windings in electric motors. My work for a technical specialist colleague in discovering this IP landscape helps RR understand the competition and identify areas of opportunity.

• Automated visual inspection (AVI) of carpet sample boards (assigned by the AMRC). My work will be a good starting point for the engineer picking this project up going forward.

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