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Project Details

Sibylle Rérolle
Defence Aerospace - Core Engineering
System Design Integration Engineer
Aerospace and Transportation

Rolls-Royce (RR) is a British multinational company working in sectors of defence, aerospace, energy and marine. It is the world second largest aero-engine manufacturer. In defence, RR develops cutting edge power system technologies for Aerospace, Naval, Submarines and Land applications.

My contribution to this organisation was in the department of Core Engineering Defence, focusing mainly on the early-stage analysis of a new type of Vertical Take Off and Landing Vehicle (VTOL).

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Role and Contributions

I worked as a system design engineer for Project Vela, which aims to develop a new product development tech stack (a set of software & tools) very fast. There were two main objectives for the project: 1. Develop a functional tech stack to get software faster than using the traditional IT service and 2. Use this tech stack to complete a design challenge. The challenge consisted of making the proof of concept of a new type of Vertical & Take-Off Landing Vehicle (VTOL). The concept statement was that we can improve the lift efficiency of an electric ducted fan by a minimum of 5% by adding an annular wing around it. This cross-disciplinary analysis included problem and requirements definition with the customer, modelling, ideation, extended CFD analysis, prototyping and testing. At the end of the placement, a final design was proposed with 2D and 3D high accuracy CFD models, an in-depth analysis of the physics system, and a fully developed digital twin (my personal contribution). A patent application was submitted for the proposed design which opened a new product opportunity for the industry. Finally, the tech stack was successfully deployed and demonstrated the ability for teams to acquire new tools in days rather than years.

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