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Rolls Royce

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Project Details

Nadav Grunberg
Systems Design Integration Core
Engineering & Technology Intern within Defence Aerospace
Aerospace and Transportation

Rolls Royce is the world’s second largest manufacturer of aero engines. They manufacture gas turbines for the world’s largest civil aircraft manufacturers, supplying 500+ airlines, and produce engines for several major defence applications. The company’s core values, are delivering excellence, acting with integrity, and operating safely.

I worked within defence aerospace, in the systems design integration core, focusing on the deployment of a rapid product development tech stack (PDTS), and a design challenge; optimising duct design for improved efficiency.

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Role and Contributions

The focus of my placement was creating a rapidly deployable PDTS that streamlines design processes and IT systems. We worked with digital tool suppliers, and CFMS, who built the PDTS on their servers. We worked with users to understand needs and requirements of the PDTS.

To test the PDTS, we were assigned a design challenge; to improve eVTOL fan efficiency by altering duct geometries. This drew on knowledge of aerodynamics and experience with CAD, CFD and optimisation methods. We utilised systems engineering techniques as well as desk research and benchmarking to formally define the vague customer brief. We followed a series of convergent and divergent ideation phases to progress our design. Back-of-the-envelope calculations and non-dimensional analyses was performed to validate early designs.

To validate our results, we worked with a design and make team to build an ALM prototype and test rig of our design. This data was also used to build a digital twin of the prototype; this is an area of great interest within Rolls Royce.

The PDTS was successful, and will be further optimised and deployed company wide, transforming the way early design is done at Rolls Royce. We significantly improved duct efficiency and are patenting the design for further use.

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