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Starship Technologies

Injection Moulding

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Mattias Erik Rass
Mechanical & Infrastructure Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Intern
Aerospace and Transportation

Starship Technologies is a company building a network of robots ready to serve people anytime, anywhere. They are the leading commercial autonomous delivery service, revolutionising deliveries with robots, which are designed and manufactured in house to deliver food, groceries, and packages locally in minutes. Climbing curbs and roaming the sidewalks in a number of cities around the world on a daily basis, the robots have completed over three million deliveries to date.

Industry 300 Rass Mattias Rass

Role and Contributions

Throughout my placement, my role in the company was Mechanical Engineering Intern in the Mechanical and Infrastructure Engineering department. Theoretically this meant that I was to solve any mechanical problems or upgrade ambitions concerning both the robot itself and also the infrastructure surrounding it. In practice, a huge majority of my work was carried out on the robot side.

From the start of my internship, I was already given a specific task, which was to work towards making the robot capable of operating at much higher ambient temperatures than it was by that point. In the bigger picture, this meant that I had to map the components which caused throttling, simulate possible solutions, create prototypes, carry out further simulations and tests on prototypes, and finally bring prototypes to a finalised state, ready to be installed on all robots.

In the end I developed a few new components which together created a brand new cooling system in the robot. The new system easily outperformed the required operational ambient temperature capabilities, meaning that the robot can now operate in much warmer climates than it did before.

Output 300 Rass Mattias Rass
Infographic 300 Rass Mattias Rass