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Project Details

Fernanda Espinoza
Sustainability Services
Junior Consultant

dss+ is a global firm that provides operations management consulting services in three sectors: health and safety, operations, and sustainability. They work with the purpose of saving lives and creating a sustainable future. For instance, their projects in sustainability involve ESG, energy transition and decarbonisation, the circular economy, etc. I was part of their sustainability services team in London, specifically working on the sustainability of the electronics sector and the e-waste management of the OGS sector in Africa.

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Role and Contributions

During my placement, I worked primarily on two projects. The first one aimed to build a budgeting tool for the new Producer Responsibility Organisation (PRO) in Kenya for the association of off-grid solar energy (GOGLA). I combined my computing, data science and human-centred design skills to build the tool while considering the user experience. As a result, dss+ was able to support fair negotiations between stakeholders and reduce the environmental and social risks of e-waste in Kenya. The second project aimed to increase the use of recycled plastics in ICT products for the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). I used my design and communication skills to facilitate workshops between ICT brands and resin suppliers by creating visual content and synthesising complex discussions. This resulted in a platform for the ICT industry to solve the challenges of supplying and sourcing recycled plastics and an innovation blueprint, a new asset for dss+. Overall, my main contributions to dss+ were the introduction and application of design frameworks, like using the ‘Double Diamond’ process for the WBCSD project and creating flexible tools they can adapt for future projects, like the budgeting tool for GOGLA that I adapted for another PRO project in Rwanda.

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