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Project Details

Leila Al-Azzawi
User Experience Intern

ELSE is a digital design consultancy that helps businesses create innovative products and services. Client work includes discovering market opportunities, designing user-centred experiences and increasing business value. Clients range from start-ups to multinationals within a broad range of sectors including automotive, financial services, retail and leisure. I engaged primarily in the UX team, exploring existing user experiences and proposing design recommendations to improve digital products such as apps, services and computer games.

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Role and Contributions

I worked predominantly for two clients: O2 and Sports Interactive (SI). I analysed the existing user experience of O2 customers and developed concepts to drive future product and service innovation and I contributed to audience research for SI who aims to drive their player engagement of Football Manager. For O2 I used a blueprinting method to analyse and visualise the service, identify painpoints and highlight opportunities. I used Miro to prototype this blueprint and presented it in Figma utilising advanced techniques such as design systems and autolayout. Following this design research phase, I developed concepts through ideation and iteration, and presented each concept as a series of MVPs that align with the O2 roadmap timeline and business outcomes. For the SI project, a freelancer was contracted to conduct user interviews and my role was to work alongside her by observing the interviews, recording and tagging insights, and supporting analysis. I also helped summarise key findings on segment cards that I designed and created in Figma. My strength in writing allowed me to use precise language to ensure the findings were well understood by the client and other team members. I primarily utilised design research, writing, visual design skills and ideation for my contributions.

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