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Project Details

Marie van der Klink
Junior Designer

frog is a leading global creative consultancy, part of Capgemini Invent. It aims to re-invent businesses, drive growth and orchestrate customer centric transformation for medium to large-size companies. frog works in the private and public sectors, including service design, consumer products, retail, healthcare, mobility, financial services, environmental impact, and more. In the Paris studio, my main contributions were in the sustainability department, especially within the pharmaceutical industry, and in the design research department, focusing on a major client project.

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Role and Contributions

The first client project I worked on at frog was the design research of the brand experience of an insurance company. It consisted in two stages: user-centred research and customer contact points’ analysis. I mainly used human-centred design and written communication skills since the major outcome of my work was the drafting and layout of 60+ client communications to report insights, opportunities and analysis results.

The second client project I was involved in was the design of a sustainable packaging for a dental varnish. I worked on the technical aspects of the product and evaluated the environmental impact of existing solutions. For this, I used sustainable design engineering methods, such as Life Cycle Analysis. My main contribution was then to draft a report for the team and client with LCA results and eco-design golden rules to guide ideation.

Finally, I prepared and facilitated a workshop on the industrial transformation of the pharmaceutical industry towards greener medication. I used future foresight methods to formulate a roadmap for pharma companies to reach greener medication production. The final report I wrote will be published by Capgemini to inform clients and employees and serve as a reference on the potential future of the industry.

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