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Julian Syn
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Staizen is a digital transformation company that uses their digital design system to quickly put together client projects using in-house front-end components. Their clients are mainly financial institutions and large retail organisations looking for a fast-tracked project timeline without a strong software department. My contribution at Staizen was to aid in the development and maintenance of the digital design system hosting all the front-end components that make the client's projects possible as a front-end developer.

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Role and Contributions

During my placement as a front-end developer, I worked predominantly on the digital design system (DDS). As most of the developers at Staizen are client facing, I had closer contact time with the head architect and designer in designing and implementing human centred design solutions to the DDS to improve workflows for all employees without causing breaking changes to existing projects. I picked up niche frameworks while learning how to build and maintain an API and unit-testing and utilised my leadership skills to organise meetings between communities to discuss coding standards for client projects.

Main contributions:

1) Using StencilJS (compiler) and LitElement to bake in features to the DDS building on knowledge from computing 2

2) Document API specifications of the DDS to aid client-side developers in meeting their project requirements

3) Unit testing components to ensure their working functionality and prevent any future breaking changes should the team decide to move to another framework

4) Organise meetings between QA and FE communities to discuss standards and communicate changes in workflow during a pull request

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