Design Engineering
Showcase 2022

Strategy&, PwC

Strategy Consulting

Project Details

Vivian Xu
Industrials, Planning, Services
Consulting Intern

Strategy& is a uniquely positioned global strategy consulting firm. It combines strong strategic consulting capabilities with professionals from PwC to formulate strategic plans for clients from multiple industries.

I worked in a team of Industrials, Planning & Services Department. I participated in 3 projects regarding to strategy grooming for coal company, logistics site selection and overseas investment of coal chemical enterprise. My contribution to projects is synthesis of findings on market, products, and related industries to support further strategic analysis.

Industry 300 Xu Vivian Xu

Role and Contributions

My role is to conduct desk research, qualitative research development, synthesis of findings and helping to craft PPT-based reports. I utilise visual design skills and communication skills to take the responsibilities and report work to full-time associates every day.

My main contribution to Strategy& are:

i. Introduction of visual design skills developed in design engineering: The research synthesis and visual design skills that I gained from coursework allow me to propose frameworks that are both strategically sound and visually powerful. The research excel template that I redesigned is not only an illustration of a bunch of data and content, but a clear demonstration of information that is easy for comparison and differentiation. It has also been passed to other colleagues to adapt other projects.

ii. Strong communication skills: I came up with cold-call and cold-email templates that can be adapted for the other logistics projects. This relates to the other two projects. It is our responsibility that we need to investigate the shipping rates for our clients. Cold-call and cold-email are two essential methods to reach it. The templates were uploaded to shared cloud by team leader as a tool that can be used for contacting suppliers and forwarders in logistics industry.

Output 300 Xu Vivian Xu