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W12 Studio


Project Details

Pitiporn Panpoonsup
Design Team
Product Designer

W12 Studios forms a part of TCS Interactive, a digital design consultancy based in London. The company has a diversified portfolio with clients from sectors such as media and entertainment, logistics, banking, and

retail. Unlike other agencies, W12 has a flat and lean organizational structure where there is no middle management. My contributions was in the design team, focusing on designing user interfaces and maximising user experience for various digital platforms.

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Role and Contributions

Throughout the 6-months at W12 I worked on three projects. The first one on designing the user interfaces for the new British streaming service, the second one on hosting the workshop for “The Future of Advertising” project, and the third one on designing concepts for a data monitoring platform.

In first project, I designed the interface of the search, discovery, and program pages across different devices where emphasis was put on infusing the client’s brand identity. In the second project, I assisted with the execution of workshops by producing presentation decks and conducting competitor analysis and out-of-sector research. For the final project, I designed to maximise the user experience on a high content density page for a console.

My main contributions include:

a) Making user journeys (HCDE tool) to optimise the design flow of the programme and discovery pages. We gained more feedback because the client understood the flow better.

b) Conducting an in-depth analysis of the existing market to use as the benchmark for our new product. My research enabled design decisions to be made and sped up the project execution time.

c) Hosting workshops with the client. I iterated my designs and produced a final concept that was shown to the client.

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