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Ellen Redgrave
Strategy and User Experience

Yaya is a digital design consultancy which provides human centred product design services to businesses. The company creates digital products, websites, brands and other collateral, and takes a collaborative and empathetic approach to the design process. Throughout my time at Yaya I worked as a user experience designer across many projects and developed strategies showing how our user research should impact the upcoming design work. I also created and reviewed designs for projects through a user experience lens.

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Role and Contributions

My role within Yaya was to enable the human centred side of the consultancy. I provided valuable insight into the experience of users that the UI designers were able to utilise to produce products. I was able to use my experience with human centred design to conduct desk research, product analysis, user research and user testing. I also created wireframes, prototypes, and UX thinking for the projects that I worked on. My experience with complex engineering systems helped me create processes and understand how user needs and stories could be transformed into wireframes and product concepts. These skills and experiences led to me designing a website for a client that met all of their requirements and user needs, and is now live. I also contributed my strategy skills to multiple different projects to run workshops, audits and helped create strategy documents for clients. I enjoyed working closely with my colleagues and we pushed each other to step out of our comfort zones and be confident in our work. I was able to show the more visual design focused team the benefits of human centred design and implemented new ways of working such as utilising journey decks to record the design process.

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