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Credit Suisse

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Michelle Lee
Equity and Derivatives IT
Software Development Intern

Credit Suisse is a global investment bank and financial services firm with a strong competitive advantage in wealth management. Their clients include other financial institutions, corporates and high net worth individuals. In recent years, Credit Suisse has been investing heavily in technology to stay competitive in the current market.

I worked within the Equity and Derivatives IT department at Credit Suisse London, which falls under the wider investment banking technology umbrella.

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Role and Contributions

My main project was to develop from scratch a support platform that allows my team to troubleshoot problems more efficiently. I then completed the first feature of the platform, which is an interface providing a consolidated view of the relevant information that my team requires when troubleshooting. This was an independent project; hence I was responsible for the complete software development cycle, from planning, designing, developing, testing, building and finally deploying. I designed the platform with scalability in mind, hence it supports easy feature extension if the team wishes to do so in the future.

I also completed a side project with a group of interns in which we developed a chatbot with NLP capabilities for FX traders to obtain pricing information more efficiently, thus reducing the average query time from five minutes to one.

Both projects share a similar impact – developers spend less time on support, while business users are empowered to obtain the information they need more efficiently without relying on dev/support teams. The time saved translates to higher resource productivity and will enhance the competitiveness of Credit Suisse.

Some design engineering skills that were relevant to my placement include human-centred thinking, presentation skills and agile methodologies.

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