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Sylvain Faraud

Today, the tabletop gaming market, excluding card games, is estimated to be worth 17 billion dollars worldwide. We’ve identified several shortcomings in the games cafe industry such as a lack of table space and connectivity features.

What we do is sell a package that includes a table with a subscription service and our software takes care of the rest. This includes keeping track of games, bookings, revenue, and updates so that our customers don’t have to worry about anything.

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Role and Contributions

As the startup’s co-founder, my work involves contributing to every aspect of the business, from research and development to stakeholder outreach. My contributions are:

a) Market research: Conducted market research on the market size and growth of tabletop games and identified major promotion methods such as exhibitions and conventions. This is to gauge the opportunity space of the startup.

b) Stakeholder outreach: I have contacted games cafes owners or managers across London, users who were interested in our competitor’s products, games store owners and a previous trade marketing manager at Hasbro France.

c) Product design: I have created various drawings and CAD models of our product and iterated them to fit the demands from our user base after each interview as well as determine how much material is needed to prototype the product.

d) Budget allocation and supplier outreach: I have contacted various suppliers in the UK and China to resource materials and components for prototyping our product.

e) Hardware development: I have contributed to building the prototype of our product using traditional and new manufacturing methods and tested it. Because of the accurate CAD model and cut list, we have usde up the exact amount of material we have ordered for the project.

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