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Tomas McDermott
Decision Making

Empowering greater human health through fungi.

Decentralised mushroom manufacturing. Giving first time mushroom growers in cities the tool to grow their own mushrooms at home from scratch.

It's differentiated from the competition through it's use of machine learning to automate and optimise the mushroom growing process. This makes it failure proof! Now anyone can grow mushrooms. It gives full control over the mushroom's flavour and produces the highest yields.

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Role and Contributions

I was the Founder/CEO of Shii. This meant making the decisions for the direction of the business. My primary responsibilities were user research, product development and financial growth.

I conducted user and market research to further prove the demand for a better grow-at-home mushroom solution. I worked on co-designing the first MVP with the target market, 18-25 year old living in cities with a passion for fungi. I applied for grants and created investor pitch decks and business models to raise funding for the business.

Juggling users, investors and suppliers was smoothly done by being clear on Shii's current point in it's journey and the future ahead. This roadmap was made clear through the use of the double diamond throughout. Using system thinking like this enabled streamlined management of a variety of stakeholders.

Engaged with 53 target users delivering survey and interview insights into the motivations & pain points behind growing mushrooms. Built a board of 8 advisors with experts from the Fungi industry to scaling businesses. Applied for 5 grants and engaged with stakeholders in the AgTech industry to further the businesses growth.

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