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Project Details

Guy Solan
Web Development

Patient Watch is a software start-up streamlining the patient pathway following injection therapy. The product provides doctors with web-based automation and productivity tools in a market dominated by paper notes and secretary-written emails. The system uses a doctor-designed algorithm to remotely monitor key patient symptoms, automate simple medical decisions and allow doctors to take timely action. The aim of preventing 70% of injection therapy follow-ups would save £48.5 million annually. A medical trial starting late-2022 shall assess this KPI.


Role and Contributions

I started the placement by interviewing doctors to understand the current pathways in injection therapy follow-up. I developed a survey that was completed by over 100 doctors to gather quantifiable evidence about the scale of the problem. This enabled me to begin formulating a business case.

With further clinician interviews, I mapped the decision tree that doctors use when assessing patients after injection therapy. This would later inform my algorithm. I then mapped the UX while developing the UI and the “Patient Watch” company brand. All frontend development React JS. Meanwhile, the backend was implemented with Postgres SQL and Fast API in python.

I followed medical and data regulations - writing privacy and terms of use policies, a technical file for MDD compliance, and ensuring GDPR was upheld.

The validation phase entailed lots of user testing of doctors I interviewed in Phase 1 and friends who acted as mock patients. Quality assurance steps involved backend unit testing and frontend end-to-end testing with Cypress JS.

A Quality Improvement Project was organised with my local hospital and the web app has also been put forwards for a national study of injection therapy by the British Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society.

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