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TableTop Attic

Tabletop Gaming

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Daniel Rebollini

Tabletop gaming is a fast-growing market worth $17 billion worldwide. However, there are few products aimed at businesses in the sector, which have problems with limited F&B space, competition from online and home play, and lack of innovation. TableTop Attic’s unique proposition is a fully integrated B2B gaming service, including rental of a newly designed interactive gaming table, gaming and booking software, and maintenance. The product allows any venue to become a tabletop venue and thereby increase customers and sales.

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Role and Contributions

As the co-founder of TTA, my responsibilities could be split into three primary components: Business, Outreach, and Design & Engineering. My business responsibilities included leadership, organisation, market research and other common business tasks. I created TTA’s Notion-based organisation system that included task tracking, notes, data as well as other features. As such, TTA could be easily transferred to a new team. My outreach responsibilities included communication with business partners, possible clients and users. As well as extensive communication with advisors, I constructed TTA’s design identity for marketing and communication. As a Design Engineer, I engaged in standard design processes including user research, ideation, product engineering, prototyping, and testing & evaluation for both the hardware and software components of the system. Particularly of use were hardware electronics skills in developing the touchscreen and prototyping skills in constructing of the final working MVP. The first key outcome of my work at TTA is the fully functional prototype of both the gaming table and gaming software, demonstrating the capabilities of the system and allowing for user and business model testing. Secondly TTA’s unique business model of tabletop gaming as an integrated B2B service creates a new market, and improves the experience of businesses and players alike.

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