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Deutsche Bank

corporate banking
UX/UI design
User Research
fullstack development
Python programming
Iterative Design

Project Details

Irina Barzykina
Technology Data and Innovation, Corporate Banking Technology, Automation as a Service, Client-facing Intelligent Systems
Technology, Data, and Innovation Intern
Financial Services, Banking and Insurance

Deutsche Bank is a multinational bank and financial services company, currently 21st largest bank globally, and has four main sectors: Corporate, Investment and Private Bank, and Asset Management. The team that I worked in, within the Technology, Data, and Innovation division is in the sub-sector of Corporate Banking Technology, specifically being Automation as a Service, Client-Facing Intelligent Systems. My focus was on leading UX/UI design, ML model training and evaluation, as well as full-stack development.

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Role and Contributions

During the internship my focus was on three projects.

The first was leading UX/UI design for an app aimed for release on the bank’s award-winning platform, Autobahn. I employed my user research, iterative design, and UI prototyping skills, as well as human-centred design approaches.

The second was training and evaluation of a named entity recognition model for automation of document processing. Here I actively used engineering methods like machine learning, and growth of skills like technical collaboration.

The final, group, project, was development of an interactive app, launched on Google Cloud Platform, that would show NLP analytics of media. I showcased my management skills, employed agile practices and full-stack development, from database generation to creation of front-end.

My main contributions include:

1. Innovative digital design: I had the key role in creating interactive UI prototypes on Figma, based off active user research and feedback sessions. I transformed app creation, accelerating it to business analysis and development phases and ensuring client-centricity, which is one of Deutsche Bank’s core values.

2. Model evaluation: designed, analysed and implemented NER model evaluation tool, which will become part of the final product delivery.

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