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Mustafa Al-Quraishi
Software Engineering
Software Engineer
Financial Services, Banking and Insurance

Finimize is a financial content and information subscription platform with a vision of ‘increasing the net worth of an entire generation’. Finimize is aimed at the everyday ‘Retail Investor’, and provides curated financial news content in an easily digestible, short form audio and visual forms from professional financial analysts. With one of the largest retail investor communities in the world, users can share ideas and attend daily event talks from industry professionals.

Industry 72 Mustafa Al Quraishi Mustafa Al Quraishi

Role and Contributions

As a full-stack engineer, my role is to develop features, and experiments, fix bugs and execute large-scale migrations across all aspects of our tech stack. I work across the tech stack as follows, the front end, which constitutes our website and mobile app, and our back end, which includes the servers, proxies and API that enable the communication of our services and store our data.

This varied work demands an understanding of different technologies and programming languages, my role has demanded the ability to utilise Python and Typescript to develop within technologies such as React Native, Django, Amazon Web Services, CircleCi deployment pipelines and so on.

My main contributions are to develop and design features and systems that aid user experiences and business activities. As an engineer, I form part of the wider product team, where my design skills have led to the expansion of my role to serve more product-focused design and engineering tasks.

I contribute to the discussions of potential experiments to implement, the analysis of the success of such experiments and provide context to the design and growth team about the feasibility and time scale to implement the experiments they are proposing.

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