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Theo Matthews
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BIG ATOM is a is a clean-tech recycling company with a vision to end polymer waste and create a Circular Economy, by using innovative and novel technology to recycle all recoverable raw materials from polymers, currently focusing on recycling tyres. My role within this organisation was to complete high-priority mechanical design engineering projects to increase product throughput and quality from the Ellesmere Port production line, perform computational systems analysis, and assist other non-engineering departments using visualisation and technical skills.

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Role and Contributions

My responsibility within the company was to lead and assist with numerous design engineering projects. These fell within a broad spectrum of scale and complexity, and comprised anything from building a database to designing whole mechanical lines. Below are three examples of the types of projects I undertook:

1. Robot Palletiser Project - Designing and building a cheaper and more maintainable alternative to off-the-shelf robotic palletising machines, to stack 25kg bags of rubber crumb. I designed the steel chassis and gear train assembly using FEA and Mechanical DFM, and formulated the integration of the machine into a line with a bagging unit and conveyor in CAD.

2. Chemical Reactor Design – Redesigning the Pyrolysis reactor for the chemical engineering team to increase the durability of the vessel under cyclic high-temperature loading, in order to produce clean Pyrolysis Oil (a prospective Biofuel). I used FEA, CFD, DEM, and thermodynamic principles to design a stronger reactor under transient thermal load.

3. Fire Suppression System – Installing a high-priority spray-nozzle water delivery safety system for extinguishing fires, caused by metal-on-metal contact within the machines. Pipe flow analysis and electrical design were used to complete this project, in addition to leadership and communication skills to liaise with Health and Safety Officers.

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