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Theo Ehrmann
Cryostat Design Department
Project Engineer
Manufacturing and Materials

Cryogenic is a rapidly expanding engineering company employing around 100 people and spanning multiple warehouses at an industrial park in Acton. They are the leading global supplier of high field super conducting magnets (20+ Tesla) and low temperature measurement systems (down to 30mk), designing and manufacturing them almost entirely bespoke, in house. These systems can cost millions of pounds and my role was to help design and oversee their manufacture for customers such as CERN and the US military.

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Role and Contributions

My role as a project engineer was very similar to that of a design engineer. I was involved in multiple jobs at a time which required not only my design capabilities such as CAD and coding, but also lots of leadership and interpersonal skills. I oversaw the development of two major projects as well as streamlining the daily operations of the company by testing magnets in the workshop and by coding software to process data from the cryostats and magnets.

As for the larger projects, I developed multiple cryostats used for in house testing worth around £150000 each, as well as developing highly complex, miniature sized rotator probes that rotate a sample within a magnet, one of which was sent to the US military. I designed these products in inventor from which I created engineering drawings that were sent to the workshop to be manufactured. These projects required me to converse with multiple departments within the company including closely working with the CEO and technical directors. This was a lot of responsibility for someone with little prior knowledge about physics, but my wide array of design skills and ability to work with others meant I learnt quickly, leading to the products success and repeated manufacture.

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