Design Engineering
Showcase 2022

Lightweight Design for Manufacturing

Titanium Forming Technique

Project Details

Chuankai Tang
Titanium Team
Research Assistant
Manufacturing and Materials

The objective of lightweight design is to address the global challenge faced by the transportation industry which is to design and manufacture lightweight vehicles. The sub-group I was allocated to is the titanium forming team. Titanium is an outperforming metal due to its high strength, excellent corrosion resistance and light weight. The aim of the research is to design new forming tools and methods to form titanium alloy plates into complex geometry with low cost and high manufacturing efficiency.

Industry 300 tang Tang Chuankai

Role and Contributions

Experiments need to be performed first to validate the forming technique before launching in the industry. I managed to solve multiple technical problems with my engineering skills. Take an example, I designed a rig utilizing the hydraulic force and validated it with finite element simulation in order to eject the titanium workpiece stuck on the tool with a single trial. It gave the ultimate solution for dealing with the same problem in any other stamping experiments.

Lab experiments continuously cost a large amount of cost. Computer-aided simulation can tremendously reduce that cost. I programmed the code that describes the material behaviour of titanium during deformation and created a FE model to simulate the titanium forming process. The final model shows an accuracy above 80% compared to the experimental result.

The third part of my placement is to design the die set for U-bending experiments to test and reduce the spring-back of the titanium workpiece. I questioned the design of the traditional U-bending die set which wastes too much material for performing only one configuration of experiment. Therefore, I redesigned it so that researchers can perform tasks with more than four configurations with a single die set.

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