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Photocentric Ltd

3D printing

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Sean Wisskirchen
R&D Engineering
R&D Design Engineer
Manufacturing and Materials

Photocentric is a photopolymer company with a more recent focus on the 3D application of said substances. They develop 3D printers for commercial use, that is: medium volume parts production, large part rapid prototyping, high curvature or latticed component production. As well as photopolymer sachets for stamp production. Their 3D printers are significantly faster than competitor machines which they achieve through a plethora of innovative patents held by the company.

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Role and Contributions

My placement at photocentric saw me pursuing the role of an R&D Design Engineer developing 3D printers for the photopolymer resins produced by the company. During the first few weeks I was assigned some tasks to support the other engineers like turning a rough sketch into CAD or rebuilding prototype printers but was later given sovereignty over the development of a printer. I was able to develop the machine starting from just an idea to CAD, making a comprehensive list of all its components in a BoM, ordering said components and finally assembling the whole machine. Throughout I often consulted other engineers for advice, their knowledge and creativity helping me overcome difficult engineering challenges arising from the machine’s novelty. Apart from occasional conference between my line manager and me the project was mainly driven by myself. It felt daunting at times because I had no comparable experiences as a reference for how the project should be progressing. Seeing the machine completed and working however was incredibly rewarding, I am grateful for such an invaluable experience. I was also given the opportunity to eternalise a bit of my work in the form of a company logo, now proudly displayed in the entrance.

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