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Imogen Guss-Renton
Development Team
Junior Product Developer
Manufacturing and Materials

RHEON LABS is a materials technology company that uses the RHEON technology, a patented strain-rate sensitive material, in a range of commercial and performance applications. RHEON work collaboratively with a range of high-profile brands to create both bespoke products and to implement existing OEM solutions. RHEON are involved in the end-to-end creation of products, the process including research, design, development, testing and production. My contributions were within the development team focussing mainly on product design and development.

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Role and Contributions

My role at RHEON LABS was as Junior Product Developer, where I supported ongoing external and internal projects within the sports/performance industry.

I supported ongoing projects within the 3 sections of the Development Team - Design, Engineering and Testing & Analysis. Working across these areas allowed me to learn and apply a range of skills quickly flexing to the demands of the Team.

During my time at RHEON LABS, I was involved in several large projects, including Biometric user testing supporting a project for a global sports brand and the design of a new generation Smart Armor product.

For the first project I used mainly research and problem-solving design engineering skills and greatly developed my project management knowledge.

For the second project, I used and developed Grasshopper and CAD skills as well as Design for Manufacture knowledge. Within this project I communicated with a range of stakeholders, including directly with the client.

I have made specific contributions to RHEON that I hope will support the business moving forward;

a) new testing methods utilising motion capture technology. Also supporting on collecting data for client feedback meetings.

b) developing the production tooling for a new product that is ready for market.

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