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Joseph Folkes
Junior Product Developer
Manufacturing and Materials

RHEON Labs is a fast growing 5-year-old start up that is currently scaling up and about to commence Series B funding. The company develops its strain rate sensitive RHEON material and re-entrant geometries to provide record breaking energy control across a range of applications. The focus, using injection molded parts, has been on sports apparel, notably helmets and body armor. Now the company is first expanding into PPE before exploring further applications for example in the medical and defense industries.

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Role and Contributions

I worked as a Junior Product Developer at RHEON LABS in Battersea, London. My role involves research, design, testing and manufacture for the development of sports apparel and PPE products, and advancement of the RHEON material platform. I complete tasks for a variety of different internal and client projects involving CAD (Fusion360, Rhino and Grasshopper, Design thinking and Creativity), using workshop machinery and testing equipment (laser cutter, stretch rig, injection moulder, sewing machine etc., gaining innate practical knowledge), coding (python, matlab), analyzing and summarizing data in excel and presenting findings to clients. My greatest impact on the organization was leading two large testing trials for a major internal and major external project. This progressed the projects, maintaining the planned timeline, and resulted in initial answers to crucial questions, informing further design and development. Design Engineering has given me a base from which I have already learnt how to do many of these things or had similar experiences, increasing my confidence going into something for the first time. Additional soft skill learnings involve improved time management from personal organization and seeing company processes and how to interact with people efficiently in an office.

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