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Project Details

Jasper Driessen
Product Development
Junior Product Developer
Manufacturing and Materials

Rheon Labs is a fast-growing startup in the energy control and impact protection sector. The company provides innovative solutions for body and head protection for field sports and extreme sports, this includes helmets for American football, football shin pads and mountain biking knee pads along with others. Working in the product development team, I worked on the development and research of products, primarily while on placement I worked on the design of a motorcycle helmet liner part.

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Role and Contributions

During my placement I worked as Junior Product Developer in the product development team, while assisting the research and manufacturing teams as part of the operations department.

My work was focused around two main projects, the first being a full loop development project to develop a part for a motorcycle helmet liner, the second was to develop a baseball leg guard solution. For the development of both projects, I was able to apply my knowledge in different ways, I applied my knowledge of the iterative design process during the initial ideation phase, my CAD and design for manufacture (DFM) for the design of the parts and the production of moulds. After this I used my knowledge of production & materials for the manufacture of parts using those moulds.

My main contributions at Rheon were firstly, the development of the helmet liner parts, for which I was a development leader, the parts if successful can be sold to helmet manufacturers, building a new market share for the business along with further business relationships. Secondly in the baseball guard project I was able to gather professional player feedback for the team as well as generate customer interest for further collaboration with the business in the future.

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