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Project Details

Rebecca Allday
International Office
Creative Intern
Media and Communications

Storyland Studios is a design and production firm, creating immersive themed experiences and environments, such as theme parks, resorts and visitor attractions. The main team is based in California, but I worked in the International Office in London as a Creative Intern. I represented Storyland in project managing a theme park gameplay project with an external client, as well as providing research and design support for multiple projects, collaborating with the strategic and creative teams.

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Role And Contributions

My main responsibility within Storyland was as a designer and project manager in creating an in-park gameplay system for the ‘first theme park you can play’, working with an external client team. I approached the project through a guest-centred design lens, using theme park guest and video game player analysis data to shape concepts for key gameplay elements. The team took an iterative design approach, wherein I would present my ideas through text, infographics and sketches, and we would evaluate these in a team discussion and brainstorm improvements. I worked to create a strong foundation for a cohesive gameplay system and will be leaving behind a clear starting point for further development, in what is an innovative new area for themed entertainment.

I also contributed to multiple other key projects, working closely with the International Office Team, as well as project managers and creative leads to deliver work, including:

- Creating and managing content for strategy decks to present concepts to clients

- Team brainstorming early concepts for theme park attractions

- Co-designing a winning themed district landmark as part of an internal design competition

- Researching, analysing and presenting benchmarks for new concepts

- Designing tailored introductory decks for potential new clients

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