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BEARS Project

Immersive Audio
Virtual Reality
Game Development,
User Experience Design
Audio Production
Hearing Rehabilitation

Project Details

Tianxiao Wang
Audio Experience Design
VR Experience Designer
Health and Life Sciences

Audio Experience Design (AXD) at Imperial studies the physical and perceptual nature of sound and applies novel techniques in wearable interactive audio systems and hearing devices.

I contributed to the production and testing of BEARS, a Virtual Reality (VR) package that targets young people with bilateral cochlear implants to develop their spatial listening skills and improve their quality of life. I explored the frontier of spatial audio and user experience in VR for hearing rehabilitation as a clinical intervention.

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Role and Contributions

My main tasks were to produce appropriate game materials, design children-friendly interactions, and outline strategies to keep players motivated using a rational level design approach. I supported both the game development team and clinical trial team in end-user research, digital assets generation, and player experience optimisation.

I embraced the iterative process of game development, which entails creating functional prototypes, collecting feedback from Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) activities, and improving interaction flows to maximise players’ satisfaction.

Using insights from our human-centred design research, I designed rich contents and improved usability of the game based on player interviews, digital playtesting, pilot trials, and extensive reviews with subject domain experts. I proposed and implemented two new game mechanics and developed the existing ones further with contextualised interactions. I co-created various game interfaces and the narrative between the overall quest. These efforts would allow our players with delayed language perception and difficulty in hearing to understand and register the instructions embedded within our application.

Meanwhile, I communicated our team’s work effectively using design documentation, storyboards, and video demonstrations. My engagement with the general public at conferences and community outreach events extended the social impact of BEARS project.

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