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Game Design
Pro-Environmental Behvaiour

Project Details

Ruyuan Yang
Human-Computer Interaction
Research Assistant
Health and Life Sciences

Happiness Design and Computing Lab (HDC- LAB)was established at Zhejiang University of Technology in 2020 with a focus on the application of Self-Determination theory (SDT) to the design of digital products in the areas of human-computer interaction (HCI), mental health, and emotions.

As a research assistant, I worked on projects titled “The design of an SDT-implemented boardgame with a biodiversity theme and its effect on pro-environmental behaviour and nature connectedness” and my main roles included literature review and the design of user-experience.

Arctic intro 杨茹媛

Role and Contributions

I worked in the project which aims at designing a boardgame using the theme of biodiversity and nature preservation, with the application of SDT in game design and game rules. I divided the game's UX design process into four phases: user research, design, testing, and execution. I practised my problem-solving skills by adjust the material used for prototype making save the cost and time. My primary contributions were 1)assisting with the literature review of a related topic; 2)design the game rules, including the character, mechanism, and interaction; 3)the construction of the prototype using recyclable cardboard and laser printing; 4)and the experimental design to test the user's pro-environmental behaviour and level of natural connectedness before and after playing the game.

Infographic 杨茹媛