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Showcase 2022

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Project Details

Tristan Lim Wen Han
Dementia Lab
Design Intern
Health and Life Sciences

Helix is a healthcare design lab focusing on patient experience, working with academics in research projects and healthcare providers to improve a product or service. Focusing on high impact and low-cost designs, Helix employs human-centred design methodologies in areas like dementia care, clinical decision support, and stroke rehabilitation.

I made my contribution in the Dementia Lab team by focusing on physical prototyping and holding user workshops to iteratively design a novel brain stimulation headset.

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Role and Contributions

The main project I worked on was designing a series of headset prototypes to test with users as part of the non-invasive deep brain stimulation project in partnership with a research group at Imperial College. I conducted first-hand and desktop research, then used design frameworks to create product requirements. This guided my ideation and prototyping development which involved 3D printing and ‘hacking’ existing products. The prototypes were shared in two user workshops to gain new insights. Leadership and project management skills were important as I led the design development from user insight to physical prototype.

My main contributions include:

a) Creation of 5 early-stage prototypes which participants could try on: Using the prototypes, Helix was able to bring to life themes from previous workshops and test initial ideas of potential headset device forms. Previously abstract scenarios were grounded into tangible experiences, thereby encouraging deeper discussions around a desired user experience.

b) Positive user engagement experience: The prototyping workshop enabled people living with dementia, researchers, and clinicians to be in round table discussions as part of the collaborative process of co-creation in research. This helped Helix develop a strong partnership with a group of people affected by dementia who are passionate about the research.

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