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Archie Taylor
Design Engineering Wellbeing Lab
Undergraduate Research Assistant
Health and Life Sciences

The Wellbeing Technologies Lab is a research lab based at the Dyson school of design engineering, which promotes the advance in ethical practice and wellbeing-supportive design in technology. This includes research in digital health, mental health, and wellbeing. Their vision is of a future in which all digital experience contributes to the thriving of individuals, communities, and our world. Their team consists of 12 people and is currently working on 3 separate projects varying in scope and category.

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Role and Contributions

In the Wellbeing Technologies lab, I was placed within the AsthmaShield team whose aim was to create a WhatsApp-based conversational agent to help people with asthma better understand and manage their condition, as well as more accurately assess their risk of an exacerbation.

Throughout my time working with the Wellbeing lab alongside my personal tutor, I have been tasked with completing two main goals. The first task was to mock up an initial prototype of a website in preparation for a Computer Scientist to join and finish it up in preparation for its launch later this year. Once finished, it will allow the users to look through previous conversations with their Asthma chatbot and potentially seek advice on how to reduce their risk without having to book a GP appointment.

The second was to design, launch and analyse a survey, which would ask individuals with asthma, their opinions on our project, their lifestyle preferences and healthcare opinions. This 50-question survey was used to help develop the personas which will continue to drive the project. Once the data was acquired, SPSS was used to analyse the findings and find trends in the potential users.

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