Design Engineering
Showcase 2022


Additive Manufacturing
Algorithmic Design
Mass Customisation
Computer Vision
Human Centred Design
Sports Wearables

Project Details

Matvey Boguslavskiy
R&D Design Engineer
Health and Life Sciences

Scaled can be characterised as a material innovation company with the mission of “protection, prediction, and prevention” of injuries in sport and beyond.

The novelty of Scaled is biomimetic scales, able to be flexible in one direction and provide rigid support in the other. The use-case for this structure is integration into rehabilitation, protection, and sports wearables.

The placement focused on carrying out Research & Development on and around the product.

Industry 72 BOGUSLAVSKIY Matvey Boguslavskiy

Role and Contributions

My role title is “Research & Development Design Engineer”. As the title suggests, a large part of my role was exploring novel ideas, as well as facilitating testing and validation of products. Due to the small nature of the start-up, I reported directly to the founder and CEO.

My contributions to the organisation often had the pattern of doing the necessary R&D on projects, before the company expands and hires a specialist. This was the case with the work I did on the design algorithm, the test sample collection, the experimental prototype creation, and will be true for the computer vision project that I pitched and started. Having the company explore and then invest into continuously developing and improving its product will make allow it to adapt and grow in the sports-wearable industry.

The design engineering skills and methods I applied during this placement included project management, software engineering, creative ideation, additive manufacturing, human centred design, and graphic design. The wide range of tasks and avenues for exploration that I came across provided ample opportunity for me to grow and learn the wide set of skills that design engineering entails.

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