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Project Details

Camilla Giulia Billari
Greenship Technology Engineering Team
Engineering Intern

Ocean Infinity is a marine robotics company providing services for survey operations using underwater robotic vehicles. They are developing autonomous port equipment and software for subsea vehicle control, as well as building the Armada fleet, with vessels up to 85m in length, which will be remotely operated from a Remote Control Centre. I worked primarily in the Greenship Technology team, developing a configurable calculator for modelling Armada emissions, and joined the Mechatronics team in Norway for two weeks.

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Role and Contributions

The main focus of my internship was an individual project devising a methodology to estimate emissions of Armada operations in support of ESG, marine and business development, and kick-starting the development of a complementary configurable calculator. I took a rigorous systems engineering approach, carrying out context and stakeholder research to design its scope and requirements. With the fleet still in construction, the propagation of operational emissions was modelled from first principles. Python was utilised for the functional programming and data visualisation of the calculator, as well as to explore data-driven prediction capabilities for future operational data. My presentations to the CTO and the Head of New Markets sparked discussions on further projects stemming from this work.

I joined the Mechatronics team in Norway for a 2-week development sprint, where I contributed to the design of the system, software architecture and roadmap of vehicle control, and to the testing of ROS development packages (Python, C++).

Throughout this placement, I found my interdisciplinary knowledge and skillset extremely valuable. I introduced the mechatronics team to design and systems engineering concepts, and organised and led an online workshop with the heads of Software (Portugal), Marine Engineering (UK) and IT (US and Sweden) in relation to my emissions calculator project.

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