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Adidas AG

Football Footwear
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Project Details

Itziar de Pedro Sarasola
Football Footwear Development, Global Operations
Product Development Football Footwear Intern

Adidas AG is a German multinational corporation founded in 1924 and headquartered in Bavaria that designs and manufactures sports footwear, apparel and gear. Its ‘Impossible is Nothing’ attitude and ‘through sport, we have the power to change lives’ purpose has made it the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe, and second largest globally. My role was Product Development Football Footwear intern. Development is inside the Global Operations unit, forming the Football Footwear Product Creation team with Marketing BU and Design.

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Role and Contributions

As a developer, I was responsible for the mass production of Adidas Football boots, transforming 2D concepts into real-life products that meet the Adidas standards for performance, quality, and cost. My biggest contribution was developing the Predator.4 boot, which will be commercialised in 2024. The development process is the second phase of the design process, and I used my materials, manufacturing, research, problem-solving skills and technical knowledge. I was in constant communication with colleagues from various sourcing locations in Asia and my responsibilities included materials, execution, manufacturing methods, sample creation, costing and testing.

Moreover, I had individual projects including research tasks to create and develop innovative concepts for high performance Football boots, where I applied many other Design Engineering skills. For example, I was given the task of redesigning laceless boots to solve lockdown and stability problems so I engineered an internal lattice structure component on Illustrator and created high-fi prototypes using a laser cutter and hot-pressing machine in the Adidas Makerslab. This will be implemented in the mass-produced boots.

Other responsibilities included leading pro-player interviews to gain feedback on our products, supplier sessions, and working with internal counterparts such as the Innovation, Testing, Quality and Athlete Services teams, as well as external stakeholders.

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