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Showcase 2022

Apple Inc.

Product Design Engineering

Project Details

YangFangZheng Li
Hardware R&D
Apple Watch Product Design Engineer Intern

Apple inc is a company focus on consumer electronics, software, and online services. Its most famous products include iPhone, Mac and Apple Watch. Apple already became a multinational technology company which have revenue of 365.8 billion USD in 2021 and It’s the leading pioneer in both hardware and software development.

As a product design engineer, my role focus on hardware system design for future apple watch product, this involves failure analysis, DoE and mechanical system design validation.

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Role and Contributions

During my placement as apple watch product design intern, I mainly worked at new product introduction site to develop the system design for Apple Watch 8 and SE. I was responsible for specific components within watch system, and to take actions like design of experiment, failure analysis and process validation to verify the concept feasibility. The engineering intuition gained from FEA, Solid Mechanics, Production and Material are extremely supportive to these actions. My contribution here is to find structural design related problems, then to solve or make improvement respectively. The final selected design will be noted as process of record for mass production.

I also worked collaboratively with other cross functional teams such as Electronics, Project management and Tooling team to solve a various issue during build stage. The leadership skill and group work experience are crucial as product designer is the core of the whole project.

Each intern here also has assigned a side project, my project involves redesigning new method to expedite a failure analysis procedure (to bettering effectiveness). Outcome shows the time cost has reduced up to 90% without creating any potential risk to the watch units. The method could be applied and contribute to the future apple watch testing stage.

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