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Project Details

Madelaine Wood
RDD Intern - New Product Development

Dyson is a multinational technology company that strives to become leaders in any industry they choose to pursue.

My time at Dyson has been working as a Design Engineer in the new category department. This means I am working on products in new markets Dyson haven’t explored before.

Over the last 6 months I have developed and tested a more sustainable concept and worked cross functionally to integrate it into our product – teaching me how products and technologies are developed.

Representative of industry area Madelaine Wood

Role and Contributions

Dyson has their own set sustainability goals that they work towards, this ensures that they are constantly improving their products in a sustainable manner.

I was tasked with the responsibility of finding a more sustainable manufacturing method to painting a component of the product. This component also had several requirements it had to fulfil both engineering, and CMF.


I researched into competitors, but these didn’t meet all our requirements. This meant I had to develop my own concept using my DE principles:

• Generating concepts through research and sketching

• Compare concepts to requirements using industry standard tools.

• Validate prototypes against set requirements.

• Analyse its sustainability and cost compared to the initial intent.

These allowed me to present my new concept to senior stakeholders as a viable option for removing paint.

My impact to Dyson can be summarised as:

• Educated others on the number of processes involved with manufacturing methods, and the impacts they carry on the engineering and the visuals.

• Started a conversation about the way we produce products and how we can be more sustainable.

• Proven the impact DE has on the environment.

• Allowed for a re-evaluation of the CMF intent.

• Escalated the urgency of sustainably within Dyson.

Output Madelaine Wood
Infographic Madelaine Wood