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Robert Field
Research & Development
Design-Engineering Intern

Luminary-ROLI is a leading Music-Tech company offering hardware and software products, best known for the ROLI Seaboard, and for playing a key role in the creation of MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression). The company operates under two distinct brands, ROLI, and LUMI, each offering separate product line-ups. ROLI focusses on "prosumer" products, while LUMI's brand identity is focussed on music education. My role was as a Design-Engineering Intern, working in a cross-disciplinary role between the software and hardware teams.

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Role and Contributions

My work was primarily centred around the development of the company’s next generation product.

As I had joined the company at the outset of development, I was assigned the task of creating some first stage works-like prototypes of a desired product feature. These early prototypes were both hardware and software based, requiring some 3D printed components, as well as software developed with Unity. The early prototypes served to test the feasibility of the feature with current technology, and to validate the concept which had come directly from the CEO.

I played a crucial role in the validation of this experimental technological feature through development and demonstration of a works like prototype.

After this, I primarily worked on improving the software technology, adding new features and improving reliability. I also worked on hardware prototypes, creating the electronics, providing input to the industrial design, and helping with the prototype CMF.

Additionally, as I had been one of the primary developers working on the experimental technology for the next generation product, I was offered the opportunity by the CTO to draft the initial patent application for the technology feature.

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