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Project Details

Qingchen Qiao
Packaging & Automation
Process Engineer

Procter & Gamble is a leading American fast-moving consumer goods company specialising in personal health and hygiene products. It has a strong portfolios of trusted, quality brands, including Olay®, Pampers®, Oral B® and more. The company pursues an intensive distribution strategy to reach out to the customers at retail stores, pharmacies and convenience stores.

I am working in the packaging & automation team in Reading Innovation Centre specifically on the packaging process for Gillette razors and managing packaging equipment database.

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Role and Contributions

1. Design cost-effective packaging processes for a new sustainable Gillette Razor:

I used my CAD skills to investigate the mechanical design of machines. I leveraged my design thinking abilities to brainstorm all possible automation mechanisms and underwent a convergence process to one design.

2. Project management on building a $6 million side loading cartoner machine:

I applied teamwork skills when working with engineers and quality controllers in manufacturing plants to meet machine acceptance tests. I participated in risk assessments to meet engineering standards using project management skills.

3. Visualise global packaging machine database:

I applied data analysis skills to perform data cleaning and visualisation, using VBA and Power BI to generate insights for future machine management. I made use of my UIUX skills to create a SharePoint site to improve the usability of database.

One of my key contributions:

Introduced a decision-making mechanism for generating packaging process design:

I initiated building this mechanism using the Pivot Table function on Excel, by inputting different factors such as razor capacity and packaging type, the mechanism would generate the recommended process design suitable for sustainable razors capacity from 1 Million to 100 Million per year. This project contributes to the company's value of sustainability in reducing plastic generation.

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