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Benjamin Stephenson
Robotics Division
Junior Applications Engineer

ABB operates across multiple business areas. ABB Robotics is a part of the robotics and discreet automation business area. As one of the world’s leading robotics and machine automation suppliers they provide innovative solutions of the highest quality for a diverse range of sectors, from automotive to electronics to logistics. Under the applications team, I worked across project, application, and software engineering, although my main efforts went towards extended reality content for customer showcase.

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Role and Contributions

I worked at ABB Robotics as a Junior Applications Engineer. Typically clients have an automation request, and it is the applications engineer’s responsibility to design solutions that fit their clients' brief and create simulations that demonstrate the efficacy of their design via indicators like throughput. Using this workflow I created an exemplar simulation for a high-profile client. Additionally, I worked on many diverse engineering tasks, including: development of a RestAPI based solution for remote robot control where the process was handed on to the client; creation of an MS Teams template that is now used for future site management and communication; assisting with simulated payload tests to check the safety of a high-value robot cell; and writing Python scripts to test robot-conveyor compatibility for a client project, for which I diagnosed the issue resulting in the use of a different track. Partway through my placement, my focus shifted to a large-scale project where I created an operator training process in virtual reality and a mixed reality repair guide. To do so, I employed an iterative design process to improve my work based on user testing and due to the successful results, the deliverables will be used in the years to come for customer showcase.

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