Design Engineering
Showcase 2022

Atmo Technology Ltd

Web Development
Front-End Software Development
UI/UX Design

Project Details

Samantha Foong
Front-End Product Developer

Atmo Technology is an environmental monitoring service company for major UK industrial sites. Utilising a network of sensors, Atmo collects pollution and machine data to generate insights on how their clients may better protect their workers from pollution, optimise their usage of machines, and ensure they meet environmental regulations. During my placement, I worked on Atmo’s next featured product offering, a real-time environmental monitoring portal, developing its UI, UX and front-end as a part of Atmo’s engineering team.

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Role and Contributions

I worked as a Front-End Developer with my classmate, Tim Lefevre, and a Back-End Engineer, Fynn O'Connor, to build the online portal from scratch, using Vue.js, Django, and PostgreSQL. Building upon my foundational knowledge in web development from Computing 2, I learnt Vue.js, a front-end Javascript framework, to build the web application, and lead the product development process using user-centred design methodology, conducting user research and implementing an iterative approach building upon feedback and user testing.

During my placement, I lead the user experience design process, and created a sleek user interface for the portal that the company could proudly present, in contrast to the old portal which was clunky and overwhelming for users. I also laid the groundwork of Atmo’s main product focus of the next several years by building and documenting the portal’s codebase following software development best practices.

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