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Emotech Ltd.

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Project Details

Michael Adhipramana Widjaya
Product Team
Product Designer

Emotech is an AI company founded in 2015 in London focusing on multimodality and speech technologies. The company provides solutions such as digital humans, multi-lingual speech recognition, and text-to-speech technologies to clients. I am a part of the product team where we conduct the entire design process on products created and sold by Emotech. This starts all the way from carrying out user research, defining product features, designing user interfaces and experiences, all the way to testing the products.

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Role and Contributions

My role as a product designer was to research, design, and develop an interface for different projects at Emotech. I mainly contributed to two projects.

My main project was for a client purchasing Emotech’s custom off-the-shelf digital avatar. The project started with user-research workshops to understand the stakeholders involved and the users’ needs. I partook in interviews, workshops, and created questionnaires to help in this process. Using the collected data, the features were then defined for the product. This was used to start prototyping different interfaces in which I was involved. I mainly used Figma, an interface design software, to design all the components and interfaces. As we used an iterative design approach, the prototypes were shown to the client and potential users for feedback and improvement. I then created a design system to maintain consistency in the project and contributed to developing some of the components used on the interface.

My second project was to create a trial version of one of Emotech’s products to improve the company’s scalability. I used Figma and Vue.js to design and develop this project. I also used data from the Google Analytics report of an existing page to verify the features implemented on the website.

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