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Project Details

Freya Smith
Engineering Department
Design Engineer

Flutterlab is a start-up operating in the wellness industry. They are launching indoor air quality (IAQ) monitors to improve wellness in both commercial buildings, and individual homes. The products will ultimately connect to building management systems to provide an energy-optimised solution to poor IAQ. My main roles were in the engineering department - developing firmware for an IoT hub product, and creating a consumer app. I also worked with the wider team on project management and regulatory research.

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Role and Contributions

My first project was to establish the firmware for a new IoT hub product using an ESP32. The hub is a crucial product offering as it is an intermediary between the IAQ monitors and the cloud, which then enables customers to access readings on a web dashboard. It also facilitates scalability with multiple monitors across larger spaces. This role required organisational skills in clarifying the project objective, and planning actionable tasks to achieve functionality, before implementing them. It also necessitated technical research on IoT and MQTT, and testing different microprocessors to improve signal stability. My firmware established system functionality across the products, and provided a foundation for the EEE team to add additional features. One IAQ monitor was constrained to work without the hub, so my next project was to code a multiplatform app to connect to it, and display its readings. This role required competitor research, system design, coding skills, and UX/UI design. This demanded upskilling on the job, and the responsibility of independently leading a project. I created a new digital product for Flutterlab, and my discussions with the EEE department on app:product compatibility contributed to the fundamental firmware design of the monitor.

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