Design Engineering
Showcase 2022


Climate Technology
Carbon Offsetting

Project Details

Lewis Seymour
Design Team

Lune operates in the voluntary carbon offsetting market. Lune is a B2B company which helps businesses reduce their environmental impact by providing high-quality carbon offset projects. Lune stands out from competitors by providing projects that buyers can purchase without fear of greenwashing in order to successfully reach their sustainability goals. My contribution to Lune was to help redesign the existing dashboard to improve the UX and to make social media and blog post images.

Industry 1 Lewis Seymour

Role and Contributions

My main role was to redesign the existing dashboard. Including; Redesign the existing sign up and log in flows, Design how the Google SSO would work with the app, Design the new ‘all orders’ page – a summary of all the purchases made on the app, Designed the API key create and view function page, Designed Webhook create and view function page, Complete the designs for all the different carbon offsetting project pages, Upload images to S3 and use the admin panel to place the visual assets for the newly designed project pages.

My other role was to produce social media and blog posts for Lune to promote the value of Lune and the benefits a company can obtain through integrating via the API.

Output Lewis Seymour
Infographic 1 Lewis Seymour