Design Engineering
Showcase 2022

Ocean Infinity

Signal Processing
Machine Learning

Project Details

Justin Mak
Engineering Intern

Ocean Infinity is a marine robotics company that utilises autonomous robots for the collection of data from the ocean. They have revolutionised the marine survey industry through the deployment of these robots in fleet formation to attain greater efficacy in their operations. Presently, the company works with clients from a myriad of industry sectors, and their key objective is to be the provider of answers for any parties that require data and knowledge regarding oceans and seabed.

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Role and Contributions

My main projects were undertaken with the Satellite Communications and Data Innovation teams. I was tasked with testing the satcom link’s cyberattack resilience through devising a suite of DoS attack scripts, and to design and develop an algorithm that would take an ROV magnetometer system’s signal data from a pipeline survey and return field joint locations. Furthermore, I had a small project with the AI/ML team, developing a machine learning model for automatic boulder detection.

I was the first to contribute towards these projects, with two of them brought about because of client request/need. For the signal processing project, OI was approached by a client who owned an old, buried pipeline. The algorithm I engineered found over 96% of the expected quantity of field joints, making me confident that the project will be continued/steered in my suggested direction. Boulder detection also plays a significant role in informing clients’ operational planning/decision-making, rendering machine learning automation highly sought-after. I was told that my work will continue to be built on, and my contributions were even mentioned in the summer company-wide tech update! Hopefully, my work in designing and developing these products will result in both becoming marketed to clients in the long-term.

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