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Project Details

Gus Cox
Marine Technology & Sustainable Logistics
Engineering Technology Intern

Ocean Infinity uses innovative technology to transform operations at sea. Ocean Infinity provides its customers with a cost-effective, efficient, high quality and low emissions service through the development and remote application of ROVs and AUVs. Ocean Infinity aims to service clients across the marine surveying sector.

I worked in the marine technology and sustainable logistics teams, focusing on developing novel remote technologies whilst researching and developing tools to assess market demand and locations for water-based transportation systems.

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Role and Contributions

At Ocean Infinity, design engineers work across multiple departments, bringing a comprehensive toolkit of engineering approaches and skills to projects before thoroughly analysing the problem space and presenting an analytical solution. Ocean Infinity emphasises using a system engineering approach to problems, using a methodical systems toolkit to review the problem space, including developing functional flows, stakeholder overviews, and additional contextual information before creating requirement sets, ideating and developing concepts.

I primarily worked in the marine technology team, where I researched and then developed a solution to the moral and legal requirements of the remotely operated Armada vessels when responding to distress calls. Existing regulations do and will not account for remotely operated vessels till 2030. My role was to define the problem space and extrapolate the future regulations in the area before designing and prototyping a concept solution using CAD and additive manufacturing. This project identified where the company should be innovating to direct future regulations for the whole remote maritime sector regarding casualty recovery.

I also worked with the sustainable logistics team, investigating potential user groups and evaluating existing water transportation services. From this research, I proposed new routes and developed a tool to assess the demand for water-based transportation systems.

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