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Showcase 2022

Solar Water Plx


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Alana Bralsford
Technical Team
Technical Intern

Solar Water Plc have pioneered carbon neutral desalination using their 5th generation solar concentrators to harness the power of the sun. They deliver a unique, viable, innovative solution to create a new paradigm in water production that is also a standalone, self-sustaining system, ideal for remote location requirements. I worked with both the technical and commercial teams, specifically developing proposals, visuals, and presentations, and undertaking research to implement highly effective technology and innovation with minimal environmental impact.

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Role and Contributions

My main role was as a technical intern within the technical team, and I also commonly worked alongside the CCO in the commercial team. I led the research on brine management and built networking skills when contacting suppliers. I reviewed relevant literature and recommended using a submerged multiport diffuser, proven to achieve a high degree of dilution with minimal environmental impact, and is now a constituent of Solar Water’s solution. I undertook considerable and detailed research to calculate Solar Water’s mitigated carbon footprint for each project in the pipeline to develop: the sustainable value benefit of the business, and the proposal to acquire Gold Standard approval and earn Carbon Credits. I learnt Blender and used Adobe Ae to create an animation of their solar collector tracking the sun to bring to life the detail of the design vision in a way that had not previously been achieved. I completed considerable and detailed research to write pre- feasibility proposals for governments and selectively extracted and consolidated information for country-specific considerations, objectives and benefits. I had a flair for combining innovation and engineering with graphic aesthetics using Figma and Adobe Illustrator to create beautiful presentations that brought an extra layer of engagement to Solar Water’s offering.

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