Design Engineering
Showcase 2022



Project Details

Leonhard Vohla
Junior Consultant

Wunderlab is a project led by Dr. Eva Kirchberger to develop a novel type of business in the multisensory mixed reality event sector using VR/AR/storytelling. The VR sector is estimated to grow substantially, research shows that content presented with VR technology ranked higher in ‘excitement’ and ‘sophistication’, and immersive environments can help people experience things otherwise out of reach. Based on these insights, I worked on developing an MVP of an educational experience regarding climate change as Wunderlab’s first offering.

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Role and Contributions

My role during this placement was of a junior consultant in an entrepreneurial function. This wasn’t a strict engineering placement nor a personal Enterprise X project but offered responsibilities and development of design engineering skills in both: exploring the current research space around mixed reality, learning and applying associated new technologies by developing MVPs, as well as placing this in an entrepreneurial context to develop a consultancy business around a use-case.

Specifically, 1) I carried out in-depth research from which I distilled valuable insights that directly translated to how the offering of the new business would be defined. Through this, the focus of Wunderlab was shifted substantially in some areas to e.g. explore immersive aspects in other types of events as well.

2) Based on my insights, I contributed ideation content to create pitch decks about Wunderlab. Validated through the interest of a pharmaceutical CEO, these ultimately led to us collaborating with the Imperial College VR ViRSE platform.

3) For the final three months I defined Wunderlab’s offering by self-learning Unity and React to develop a plug-in for the ViRSE platform that would act as our MVP and a related website.

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